On The Rise: The Hottest DJ’s in Lagos Right Now

DJ’s are easily the make or break of most events/parties. In Lagos especially, the talent pool for DJ’s is quite wide. However, a few manage to stand out above the rest, being able to blend genres seamlessly and keeping a consistent energy of the crowd from the start of their set to the finish. It is important to note that this list is our personal compilation and does not underrate other DJ’s doing a similarly great job.

So, here is our list of the Hottest DJ’s in Lagos right now;

DJ Primeau

Being one of the youngest DJ’s in the scene Primeau has solidified his place as a multi-genre DJ that can work any type of crowd. He especially shines with Hip-Hop mashups. 


After recently going viral for her incredible transition, Dopeceaser is now a household name. With her uncanny ability to mash up different genres, tempos and beats coupled with her incredibly timed transitions, she is one of Lagos’ top DJ’s right now.

Tobi Peter

The list would not be complete without one of the DJ’s currently topping the EDM Lagos scene. Tobi Peter and his incredible ability to merge afrobeat and EDM has made him one to watch and definitely top 10 hottest DJs right now.

Uncle Bubu

This chill DJ is a genre bender, if such a term exists. With his steady paced mash-up’s and his ability to take it a notch higher at events, he is definitely one of the hottest DJ’s in Lagos at the moment.

Simss the DJ

She’s an incredible DJ with a specialty in Afrobeats, Afrohouse and AfroEDM. A queen with the synths and a Lagos party favourite, Simss is an undeniable talent.


Known for his ability to keep the crowd on their toes, Nino is another talented DJ that is rising in fame. With his unexpected transitions and his ability to work with any genre, this is another DJ doing Lagos proud.

Wanni x Handi

These sensational twin DJ’s are as talented as they are beautiful. Doubled skill means doubled fun and they both work in sync to make sure any event they’re in gets just that. 

Mr West

With a thorough understanding of different influences of afrobeats, this DJ knows how to make mashups that find a way to combine afro sub-genres that you wouldn’t expect to work together. 


Known for her ‘Sample Spotlight’ series on tiktok, DJ Honeeay is another notable name in the industry making waves. 

 Smallz the DJ

This DJ knows how to get parties going with his skills! If you’re trying to keep the energy up in a crowd full of young party-goers, he’s the DJ you’d want behind the deck. 

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