Where to Eat in Lagos: Vegan/Vegetarian Edition

Lagos has a variety of restaurants that serve continental and local dishes, but there are also a few that make dietary accommodations for guests. Today, we are sharing a list of vegan friendly restaurants in the city. If you are a vegan, vegetarian, or simply looking for plant-based meals, you can request vegan options at these locations.

Spice route: Offering one of the largest varieties of Indian, Biryani, Chinese, and generally Asian cuisine, Spice route also has extensive options for vegans/vegetarians. The food is not only great but also affordable coupled with great ambience.

Veggie Victory: This is another great spot situated in Ikoyi. If you’re looking for aesthetics this may not be the best option but they make up for it with tasty options. They were founded in 2013 and have continued to provide very tasty plant-based meals for affordable prices. They have a vegan twist to most Nigerian popular dishes like suya and nkwobi while replicating their flavours. It could easily be one of your favourite vegan places.

Thai Thai: True to its name, Thai Thai offers the most authentic Thai food in Lagos with vegan options. An aesthetically pleasing location with food made with fresh ingredients by Thai chefs, this place would have you running back for more.

Michelle’s Vegan Kitchen: This option is an order-only restaurant and a catering service. Michelle brings a hearty and homely feel to her plant-based meals. She also creates vegan variations of animal products and is focused on healthy and delicious dining. She does appetisers, main dishes and dessert as well, so there’s something for everybody.
Non-vegans can easily enjoy her meals as she does not fail to deliver flavour while also offering custom-made meals. I bet you’ll come back for more once you’ve had a taste.

Hard Rock Cafe: This is a  restaurant for those who are looking to spoil themselves on a slightly higher budget. Offering mouth-watering varieties in their menu, they also – thankfully – cater to vegans. There is something across all three courses for vegans to enjoy and we promise that the food is always worth the cost. 

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