The Weekend Guide: The Home Edition

The introverts and home buddies will probably love this one. 

Following the elections this month, we’ll be sharing alternative options for having a good time in the comfort of your home. No clubs, no bars, no lounges and no restaurants…it’s you at home for a change. This is for the ones who want an easy, laid-back weekend with activities they could do at home, possibly joined by family or/and friends.

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  1. Movie Night: Weekends are a great time to hop on your favourite streaming platform to watch your favourite movie/series. Make it even more fun with some food or light snacks…whatever fits the mood, really. And of course, the more the merrier. Get a fun bunch to join in and have a blast!

  2. Games night: We’ve all either seen these or been to one of them. The best thing about them is you can do it with as little as two people and they could have activities ranging from card games to scavenger hunts. To spice it up, there could even be a price for either an individual winner or a team. You can even check out our list of drinking games if you need ideas. 

  3. Dinner party: You don’t have to visit a restaurant for a fancy dinner. How about ordering in your favourite continental cuisine. You can make it more interesting by trying something new and setting up your dining table to fit the theme. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as the name entails but it should definitely be full of varieties of food. With great wine to go with the dishes, amp your weekend up with a cozy dinner party full of flavour, warmth and light banter.

  4. Karaoke: All you need is a screen and Youtube and you are good to go. SIng to your heart’s content and have fun while doing it. Solo is great but with other people, it could be even better.

  5. DIY Sip and Paint: Cheap art supplies and wine is a great way to enjoy the weekend. It could be done indoors or outdoors and be paired with music and
    snacks. Not only is this a relaxing activity but it is also a way to flex your creative muscle.

  6. Nap: Some of you have had such a busy week that even a night’s sleep wasn’t enough to get rid of all the fatigue. Take some extra, much needed time over the weekend to get some shut-eye. Good sleep is a beauty regimen; it just might help with some of those eye bags.

We’ll be back with more fun things to do every weekend.


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